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Thread: Please Fix Gold

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    Please Fix Gold

    Garena Please fix gold.I have been playing lol for many years.Gold division is still not fixed.What is going on guys whats the team doing for 5 years.

    Silver 345 players play the game at a trully skilled level and should be in gold.They can't because once they reach silver 2 or 1 they end up meeting gold players as teammates.Gold players are fake.They're boosted.there's so many.You are at a disadvantage if you have a gold teammate.They're playing like bronze and i was from bronze difference of goldand bronze is that in bronze people play to get better and work well togetehr.Gold on the otehr hand is fake bronze players simply buying the account and playing like a bronze player that doesn't care.

    Its unfair because i have met so many talented silver 345 players who are struggling so much once they hit silver 2 and 1 because they get gold players are teammates and these gold players are like clueless on what to do and how to play.

    Its been so many years why hasn't the team Fix silver 2 and 1 ( Demoted fake gold players ) and gold 4 and 5 boosted players.This is preventing good players in silver 3 4 and 5 from climbing.I am now in silver 1 getting gold players as teammates and all of them is terrible.always lose matches the minute i get a gold teammate is over.I try, i try carrying with a positive mindset.i don't know that the player is gold yet.i play and observe how he plays and i know he's a fake gold based on the way he's playing.Then when the match ends i check his profile and bam he is gold 5.not 1 not 2 but every match that i encounter a gold player.Plays terrible ,worst then bronze, garena does nothing about it for 5 years, no fix.
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    If after 5 years you cannot make it into gold easily, the problem is you. Not gold. Do not mind me though I am just here to give you the attention you want.
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    My friend who was stuck in gold a year ago already reached diamond.

    Another one who was stuck at low silver already reached plat.

    good luck.
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    I'm not talking about getting to diamond or reaching gold.I'm saying there are way too many like 3/4 gold players and silver 2 and 1 players who are boosted.

    The matches are 1 sided with a team that doesn't give a shiit cuz they can pay someone back to get back to a division vs a real team the system assigns.

    To put it into perspective.A silver 345 match has insane teamwork and skilled players playing at a silver to gold level.Once these players reach silver 2 or 1 they start meeting these fake boosted golds who troll and don't give a shiit preventing players from climbing.

    I know the method to climb out of it.1 tricks.yes i know.Play more bursting 1 tricks.but this puts players in an uncomfortable position having to play a champ they don't really like but have to.Non team oriented heroes that rely on 1 tricking.

    I'm gold now but i just don't like the idea of being forced to plays set champions just to escape fake gold players.Its just not fair and makes the otehr champions in league of legends feel useless when all you need are these 1 tricks to climb.

    Why play ahri when you can pick 1 tricks like Talon and feed off the enemy team while climbing.
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    You are bad and it is nobody else's fault.
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