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    What is the judgemental standard of leave buster???

    I really have no idea about the judgmental standard of leave buster

    I understand this is human designed system to judge player leave the game intentionally
    How about the player leaves the game unintentionally?? Due to a technical problem or equipment problem?
    Did this System judgmental standard of leave buster be discriminated poor condition equipment?

    However, I attempt to back game as quick as possible only because of good behavioural reaction

    As well, I did not brings about negative experiences to other players which mean
    I still return to this current game and working hard as a team

    Consequently, The consequence of this manifestation in this game is given First Win of a day (Extra IP) and 20min leave buster...

    It should not happen like this, Otherwise, you only letting this problem evolute to another more complex
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    picture 1

    Picture 2

    Meanwhile, I'm living in Melbourne City, there are geography disadvantaged physically, that I always got 300ms around as a result.

    Therefore, I still not think that is good judgemental standard only because of I am living too far to your facility residential position?
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    Leaverbuster is not there to judge your intentions. It is there to give you a penalty when you leave and that is it. If you want to have a good cry about that system feel free to do so. The only problem here is you leaving games and trying to pretend you are the victim. You are not. Your teammates are.

    "Consequently, The consequence of this manifestation"

    You are trying too hard. Maybe stick to simple words instead, you will be able to get your point across just fine.
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