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    1st time to Rank Guide.



    There are 25 things you need to know about ranked before you should join, and please be reminded that all match history will be filed and saved. That means you can't undo your win/lose rate, so please decide smartly if you're ready for ranked.

    1st : In a Rank Game there will consist of 1 guy solo-ing top, 2 guys at bottom, 1 at mid, and 1 guy jungling.

    Usually it goes like this.

    -Tanky champions like Singed, Garen or Jarvan solo top.
    - the 2 guys at btm will usually be a support and an ad range carry ( Soraka and Ashe, Janna and Cait, Karma and Vayne)
    - The guy at mid is usually a mage ( Annie, Brand,Veigar)

    and the guy jungling can be anyone, depending on your team's synergy and such.

    2nd : Listen to what the guy at the very top of the list says, he is the highest elo in your team. Therefore the guy with the most experience, do take not however that some high elo people are douchebags and can't be trusted at all. Take advice from your other team mates on which heroes to pick, because teamwork is going to get you the win. Nothing else

    3rd: Buy all the 450 ip champions at least, and master at least 10 types of heroes. The more variety, the better. Some really good people go to rank, but they're only able to play 1 hero. Imagine if that hero were to be banned, you would be screwed >.>

    4th : If you end up last in the list, don't pick the hero you're good at, pick the hero that is required.

    Let's say that the team consists of : Garen ( solo top), Soraka ( support), Ashe ( Ad Carry), Annie ( Ap Carry)

    Take a jungler ( Nocturne, Lee Sin, Tryndamere, Ww), Don't take a fcking support like Kayle ( I speak from personal experience)

    5th: Don't fight with your teammates, because you're going to be playing with them. SO please don't fight.

    6th : Be a Man, do the right thing.

    You see Tryndamere and Ashe heading to top for a gank on you, it's a 3v1 so you have no chance ( Unless your me, and you just singed **** and they all die).

    You could have run away, but you decide to keep pushing your lane and overextend, which results in you dying

    7th: Be a Man, don't be stupid.

    I've seen soraka with doran blade. enough said.

    8th : Get at least 2-3 full rune pages.

    It's like comparing 2 really good drivers, one driving a ferrari, one driving a kancil.

    You might be good, but it's just that they have such a big head advantage over you. Try to avoid this >.>

    9th : GET A MOUSE.

    Don't ever attempt ranked games with a trackpad. I've had personal problems with my cousin on this....

    10th : Map Awareness.

    You see 4 people at mid, and they're all suddenly gone. It just so happens that one of their heroes is at top, and all of your teammates are at base. So what do you do? YOU FCKING RUN FOR YOUR FCKING LIFE, and stop pushing.

    Map Awareness..

    11th : Be a Man, Be a Tank

    If you've selected the role as a tank, than I suggest you be a tank...

    You're the guy who usually starts the fight and engages, don't be a sissy cat ( interpreted from NigaHiga's Best Crew vs some other crew)


    12th: Don't Swear.

    If you have nothing good to say, don't say it.

    13th: Don't take rally.

    14th: Ward.

    Even if you're playing as a carry, please try to support your supporter by getting 1-2 wards. Wards win matches

    If you're a tank, get at least 4-5 wards.

    If you're a support, GET 10000000000000000 Wards.

    15th: Dewarding.

    If you're warding, they're probably warding. Remember this is ranked ,not normal.

    Usually a Tank or a support would take oracle and deward, but if you're a fed carry, you can help as well.

    16th: Counter-Jungling

    If your team has a jungler, there's probably does as well.

    Junglers farm and gank, that's what they do. But if your predictions are good, then I suggest you go to the place where you think there jungler is farming, and harras or kill him. Simple.

    17th: Get Items depending on the Situation, not what you always get.

    You're plying Xin Zhao, a carry. You see 5 Ap's in their team ( Brand, Le Blanc, Annie, Veigar, Rumble). Instead of getting Black Cleaver as your 1st core item, get some survivability like Banshee or Force of Nature.

    18th : Trolls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gondarkt View Post
    I'll give you an Example

    " During Champion Selection

    When I was testing out my cousins account in ranked game"

    Me : Let's ban Nocturne

    A : Nk nee wan I kuse can wan

    Me : Sorry?

    A: Noc is for nub I pro I gragas

    Me : Gragas? You can counter noc?

    A : u nub izit? cnter what he do no **** i ball him

    Me: Dude if I'm using a mage he can just ulti me..... why the hell did you ban SORAKA????????

    A: cuz sraka heal annying no need wan da i ulti she can hel.

    Me: Then what support am I support to play???

    A: n0 need sprt my gragss fat they can gg and kis thyre mumyy ass bai

    " End up I play Support Singed, and we actually won the game. But this Gragas was being a dick and trolled the other team whole time"

    A : xz nub dog wan come gb me got 5v1 nia, cb kia i latr cme owm u.

    Xz : Yes?

    A: U tink u lucky motharchepp I fck ure mother nia seng.

    Xz : What?

    A: Fck u lah i sy u com gb me 5v1 nia i nvr come kacau u oso u later die.

    " We were actually winning the game but Gragas was playing no part in it whatsoever"

    * We ping btm a few BILLIOn times and we all rush them, but smart Gragas decides to farm top lane and eventually die to a turret"

    After the Fight


    A : u al nub d can t see dat tey all luring you.

    Me : We could have won that fight if u didn't farm

    A: fck u lah I * dies to turret* fccck lah u see u nyama cb i tak go die fcker lah i ned 300 mney then I by ro a lah fcking nb s o haai can fck wat xz fck of lah.

    " Getting close to winning"

    A ( to all) : i bst hiro my tem nub d thye fck thmsel f nb dg

    You will see trolls everywhere. If worst comes to worst, you'll find them within your team.


    Don't fuel the fire, just type what you need to say. Eventually trolls will grow tired, and they'll start playing seriously. If they provoke you, just ignore them.

    19th: Turrets

    If you're going to commit to a dive to kill someone, then do it full-heartly. Always be sure what you're going to do, don't bail on it half way.

    If you're killing a person and he flashes to the tower, you have 3 options.

    1 : leave him be, just farm

    2: Chase him down and kill him, eventhough you could die yourself.

    3: Flash in the turret like a boss, almost kill him, but run away and eventually get killed by him or the turret.

    "You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain"

    20th: If you're solo-ing top, get gold per second items. Simple as that

    21th: Team-Fights.

    At around 15-20 minutes into the game, this is where teamfights will always happen.

    Tank : Wait for a suitable time to go in and engage, your judgement will reflect on the whole team. If you're wrong, your team dies. If you're right, they still might die but you get to kill some of em

    Ap Carry : Once the tank goes in, Burst the fck out of them. Aim their carries and support, not Mordekaiser

    Carries : Kill the **** out of em

    Support : Support the people killing the **** out of em.

    22th : Cv means Clairvoyance, the big eye which you can see an area for some time.

    Some people don't know what it means.

    23th :

    24th : Read up some guides in Mobafire before attempting Ranked, because people who play ranked are either really good players, or people with no lives.

    25th : Read this Thread
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    what about tl:dr??
    if people have the patience to read this much stuffs, they probably won't suk half as hard as they did in rank.

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    idk why you would downvote this. TBH most of this is legit. +1 for you.

    want a TL;DR version? read all 25 of them, but only the first sentence of each. took me 2 minutes to read this. you CAN read through this while waiting in q. cuz i take 10 mins for a game in ranked. idk about those in the 1200 elo bracket now though. i managed to get out of there a long time ago.

    (mobafire guides... 3/4 of them aren't legit. i go to or more. more user friendly too)
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    numero uno.
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    Way to go Rachet +1
    Good Judgement comes from Experience.
    Experience comes from Bad Judgement.
    People Improve. Dont judge so fast (:
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    Get a mouse? Wheres the get a keyboard and talk?
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    If you see me in Ranked as first pick , dodge. Ill be picking a sappork.
    "What is an elo ? Is an elo an alien? It must be"
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    Quote Originally Posted by mickxy View Post
    Get a mouse? Wheres the get a keyboard and talk?

    and also , you dont need to follow the meta 1000000x of the time , if they have a squishy jungler and a weak solo top , u cud try the dual ap meta or so . Its up to your creativity really , even tho all games < 1.4k , they follow the meta very strictly , or not at all , well above that , you can see bot lanes like Soraka/Eve and Taric / Poppy or Taric/Sivir
    who are you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondarkt View Post

    13th: Don't take rally.

    14th: Ward.
    I use Rally flag as wards.
    Official Account : BRhuehuehue
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    good try though.
    I am Corridor, the Hallway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondarkt View Post
    24th : Read up some guides in Mobafire before attempting Ranked, because people who play ranked are people with no lives.

    Rate and Comment, +1 if it's good.
    +1 so true
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    I agree it's a big long... but please do read it if you're new to ranked.

    It does help
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