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    The Sitrep After S3 Regionals

    ---TL;DR version at bottom of this post---

    Hello. My name is Gatenka. Some of you may know me as a moderator for the Garenamalaysiatv Twitch channel. I don't post that often in these forums, so I will try to keep this as short as I can (TOO LATE FOR THAT NOW).

    Firstly, I want to say that Mineski did a phenomenal job at winning S3 SEA Regionals. They lost early to SGS, but clawed their way back up to win in the finals, against all odds. Despite them being the replacements for Exile, they performed well.

    Secondly, as much as I would like to bash SGS for "throwing" the games, they performed well at S3 SEA Regionals. Kudos to you guys for at the least making it that far.

    Now, on to the real reason for this thread. As I watched both days of the Qualifiers and presided over chat moderation, I've come to summarize these few points, which a good majority of the viewers kept spamming in the chat one after another as well:

    1. Horrible audio quality
      This was quite possibly the most glaring problem of all. The in-game audio was too loud, and the feedback ensured that everything the casters said was nigh inaudible. It was so bad to the point that an EU LoL caster tweeted this:

      Followed by a string of replies:

    2. Incompetent / Unprofessional shoutcasters
      The most common term here is "BIAS". The casters appeared to continuously root for a particular team of choice. Also, shouting does not qualify as casting, as pointed out by the viewers. Again, this prompted another professional LoL caster to tweet these:

      And again, with replies:

      Which is not to say that shoutcaster TeddyTibbers was in the clear. He had his faults as well, and I regret not taking screenshots of the Twitch chat.

    3. Poor in-game camera work and updating of brackets / ETA of match times, as well as overall stream continuity
      This is more of a personal opinion, although I believe that it is also justified.

      At times, viewers tended to miss a lot of the action due to the camera being directed manually. For instance, we missed the First Blood and Double Kill play down at bottom lane during the SGS vs SAJ match (camera was focused on middle lane).

      Moderators had no answers for viewers (which peaked at around 32,000+) when asked about the estimated times for matches. On this note, whoever that typed "EST" instead of "Approx" confused a chunk of the viewer base (particularly non-SEA ones), as most referred to it as "Eastern Standard Time" instead of "estimated".

      The stream went to offline status every now and then. This occurred even during the finals, near the climax of the last match between Mineski and SGS. Despite the fact that the stream was restored in under 10 seconds, a lot of flak was targeted particularly at Garena (us mods were in the clear, surprisingly).

    There were a lot more complaints, but I have highlighted the 3 most recurring issues while watching the stream. As much as I would like to reproduce the less-than-savoury comments by viewers about how Garena has made it impossible for them to enjoy watching the S3 Regionals... I think I'll just leave it at that.

    Garena, please continue to improve upon your work, as not only does this reflect upon you as a company, but also us in the gaming community. Thank you.

    For the rest of the people reading this, please share this on other media platforms so that we can spread it around a little more. As much as you say that it's Garenabei or whatever it is you folks enjoy calling the company these days, I'd like to point out that complaining alone won't do us much good. Many thanks.


    TL;DR version

    Hi. I'm Gatenka. I mod on Twitch. These are the main problems for S3 Regionals that I gathered from Twitch viewers:

    - Crap audio quality
    - Nonsense casting
    - Lousy in-game camera + streaming problems

    @Garena Improve so we all don't look like a horse's ass in front of the world.
    @Community Tell others so we don't have to deal with this nonsense next time. Hopefully.


    Reddit Link to this thread:
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    Did you expect better from garena?
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    You're right complaning isn't enough.

    Keel CEO of Garena naw.
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    It was always like this. If you watched the GPL.

    I thought they were just portraying fan boys for their own community. Since Ph, Vn, Tw, My all have their own 'shoutcasters'.

    Also, I think they picked it up from the former radio DJs who sat in for commentories for SBC/Media Corp's broadcast of local soccer matches, who in turn probably picked up from the British dual radio and televised broadcasts. At times it feels like a live radio 'audio' commentator doing his work for an english soccer match. So instead of highlighting plays, we do get tiring blow by blow accounts.
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    Well said.
    Just to add on, viewers on the Garena TW mainly Taiwanese audience were rather disappointed of how Garena SG / VN planned things out to the extent that even Garena TW shoutcasters themselves felt ashamed and kept apologizing to the fellow Taiwan viewers.

    Clearly this is one of main reason why Garena TW receive more viewers compare to Garena SEA / MY on GPL not to mention other small local tournaments.
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    I find that name calling on that Tweet extremely harsh towards our shout casters. Although I often spam 'R.I.P headphone/mic' in the chat, I was kinda laughing about it rather than hating it.
    There is no need to ruin a person's reputation just because he 'loves' his own country's team.

    I have to agree on whatever that was mentioned in the threads. It's a big shame that other 'professional' LOL people are laughing at us. I also feel sorry for what the shout-casters and chat moderators have to go through for this, you guys deserve a big hug
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatenka View Post
    As much as you say that it's Garenabei or whatever it is you folks enjoy calling the company these days, I'd like to point out that complaining alone won't do us much good. Many thanks.
    I have something harsh to say but I won't say it (but Elegance might!). Not to you, though.
    Disclaimer: The views and thoughts in the above post are likely to be directly opposed to Garena/Riot’s official stance.
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    Honestly, I really hoped that production would be at least somewhat decent for this event. I mean it's the 2nd year and somehow it's worse than last year really blows my mind. what's more is that even though issues are brought up, they are ignored or pushed aside constantly, it's like their not even trying to improve. I'm really disappointed at how the SEA was shown to the world, not just in terms of the games but in production quality. This live stream was just horrible.

    P.S. I still need time to recover from that cancerous twitch chat.
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    Firstly,the overlay itself was bad enough rofl. They could at least learn how to use how to switch between screen 1 and screen 2 whenever they want to change thier overlay and stuff so as to not make the stream feel so akward like a random streamer doing it. I think a random streamer probably has more experience. TBH the overlay didnt even fit properly.

    Secondly,the person controlling the camera,and trying to show us the score,gold earned or actual game has to learn to use shortcut keys like x,j etc since the mouse will block the scoreboard and possibly distract the viewer.

    The rest of the points are already mentioned so i will not repeat them ofc.
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    I would like to point out the pessimistic way of shoutcasting of Djehuty. He likes to emphasize on the doom of a losing team so much like it's inevitable. If he were to be more optimistic, he would have point out on what way the losing team can make a come back. Or maybe he was just trying to balanced out the super biased Fish shoutcasting with SGS
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