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    How to check our hidden elo

    Rs. How to check our hidden elo?
    Eu,us,cn servers can check through some websites..
    But why cant i check in my/sg server?
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    No way. It has been disabled but a alternative method is "in the works" from what I recall.
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    It's hidden, thus it cannot be checked (at this moment).
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    you can see your team's average elo from, just get 4 clean accounts and do the maths.
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    Use lolcave, put in wins, loss and estimate to be 1. U can get a rough estimate

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    Quote Originally Posted by nezoshins View Post
    Its not accurate imo. They do not calculate ELO like that one. U must rmb sometimes u will put in advantage and disadvantage match witch will give u more ELO or less elo depends on them,.
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