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    I also have problem patching but i just reinstall for 30 mins and everything is solved. Better then waiting for so long for a solution
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    hello, can i ask one question....same like this problem too......why i also install my lol_patch_130307to130320 always stuck in 99% like '' File seems to be patched: Air\mod\win\ClientWindow.dat'' and other....??? thx
    ps: please quick reply ) i really wait this game to play with 1 week already ==
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    cg.dll not found -_-

    it claims i have a firewall error after the patch when obviously everything is DMZ so im pretty sureits not a problem on my side -_-
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    seriously every patch that is major I HAVE TO ALWAYS UNINSTALL AND INSTALL BACK THE GAME AND MAJOR PATCH MAKING IT FAIL OH MY GAWSH...... i think i'll stick playing in North America server way easier there...
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    hey guys try this, it might work (at least for me)

    before patching, check your task manager whether a LOL application is running in the background. chances are your previous LOL session didnt close properly hence the client cannot patch itself.

    tldr: press ctrl+shift+esc, go to processes tab, search for lol.exe or leagueoflegends.exe, right click, end process.

    after that try patching again via garena messenger. i hope it works
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    I managed to patch but I can't start the client.
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    Patch 20132321

    Quote Originally Posted by UnJustice View Post
    Before this,its Failed to Patch :20130307
    then download the league of legend.exe file..after paste..try to patch..both manual n auto patch fail
    this came out:Failed to Patch : 20130312
    Ya I agree today im having problems with downloading patch 20130321
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    Patch 2032321

    I really need to apply my 2030321 patch pleaseee help me.....
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    that's a yes happened to me as well
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    I don't understand
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