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    Customer Service @ Garena Stadium

    Garena Gamers, it is our honour to provide you with the very first Face to Face Customer Service Experience from Garena. In conjunction with the opening of Garena Stadium at Bugis+, we will be placing a team of dedicated Customer Service Officers to serve our awesome Garena Gamers.

    Our Customer Service Officers are made up of a young and friendly group, and they are able to get your queries answered and your doubts cleared in the shortest time possible.

    Some of the problems* which we are able to assist you with are:

    1. Account Related Problems (Password, Email, Mobile Number Change)
    2. GS Top Up Related
    3. Game Related

    You can visit us at Level 3, Unit 19-23/28, Bugis+ for more information now. Our operation hours are from 11.30am to 10.30pm.

    *Disclaimer: We will assess your problems on the spot and try our best to solve your problems within 24 hours.
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    Singapore only, SAD!
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    Looking forward to checking out that place
    IGN: CDG OolongTea l Clan CDG Recruitment Thread l us on Facebook
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    Awesome place indeed.
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    Sweet... I'll just go down there next time i lose my password. Took me nearly 48 hour to resolve my last one. Das nice.
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    Wow this is actually an extremely good initiative. Well done
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