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    Connection Timeout: The request to the server timed out.

    When I first start the client, everything will be fine for a few seconds. But after a few minutes, I will get the message stated in the title and i'm forced to close the client as I will not be able to join any games. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Check firewall if it's on. It should be off. Also, check your anti-virus firewall.

    Otherwise, reinstall till it works. No choice but this happens sometimes for a minority after a new patch is out.
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    You may refer to this guide on how to resolve Connection Failure Error when Logging in.

    i'm not evil ...
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    Hi, sorry to bump this up since I'm having the same problem and I don't want to open a new tread.

    It's been occur to me as well, and I did tried the method you mention.

    I tried reconnect my modem, reinstall LoL and garena plus a couple of times, and close my firewall, I also try to open the garena plus as administrator. But all of them isn't working.

    The thing I've notice that is my Garena plus constantly disconnect from server and it prompt me to reconnect every 5 minutes, whenever it occurs, my LoL client gets the timeout error.
    It's been happening after the latest patch of Garena Plus, the garena talk patch.
    I can't possibly play a game normally now since it always disconnects whenever I do solo queue or team queue with friends, I would disconnects when or before the champion selection screen.
    If I'm lucky, the game would start and in the game I would not have any problem until the game ends with the client actually disconnected and needed to close everything and open it up again and gamble my life for it to start before the client disconnects again.

    Is there any solution?
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    Try launching LoL directly from the game folder instead from the Garena Messenger to see if the same issue happens. If you were able to play LoL without disconnecting, reinstall the Garena Messenger. If the disconnection persists, its probably your internet connection.

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    No, you got internet connection problems! Just like me and the rest.
    Don listen to those comment up there.. I don't even think they are related
    What turn off firewall , is bunch of crap
    They simply gives ideas
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    If my computer overheats , does it count as i leave if i dont get back in time?

    Whenever my computer overheats it will shut down and it will take several minutes to get it back on , if the game im playing ends, does that mean i left the game?
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    GM_Weevil i have follow all the above and even the connection timeout site you provided however to no valid still continue to show
    Connection Timeout: The request to the server timed out.
    i have disable firewall antivirus and tried to start LoL directly and from garena messenger but both of them still shows that message
    please help
    I had test on firebind however port tcp 80 is always failure even when i port forward firewall and network to allow tcp 80 already
    This is the result

    TCP Passed: 443,2099,5222-5223,8088,8393-8400
    UDP Passed: 5000-5500
    TCP Payload Receive Timeout: 80

    FIXED:Recent Window Update on security is causing problem to connect to server port TCP 80
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    man this ( Connection Timeout: The request to the server timed out. ) is annoying me...... i cannot play for the love of god.. each 7 minutes i will have to reconnect again ..... i disabled the firewall as well as the antivirus... my conne
    ct is FAST my pc is good... this is bad REAL BAD man
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    Hi guys,

    To whoever who is still reading this albeit it being too late, here is the workaround for it. First off, this problem has already plagued me and my friends for very long (since last year). We have tried almost everything in the book and this way seems to at least have you successfully getting inside the game.


    Step 1. Once you enter LOL, quickly select quick match, invite friend etc. Always remember to click Buy Menu > Profile > Buy Menu Etc so that it will constantly refresh your page. This will enable you to remain in the server and not disconnect.

    Step 2. Once in Champion select, quickly select your hero and keep on refresh your summoners ability etc, repick flash non-stop until the loading screen.

    Step 3. Enjoy the full length of the game. It will however DC at the end stats screen.

    Good Luck! Hope it helps. Here's to hopping there is a not so painstaking solution to this problem in the future.
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