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    Angry How to SOLVE my Lag problem!!!!

    I got a problem!!
    My MS very low +My pc system is good.......y my LOL lag btw 10 sec again and again!!
    SOME1 Help me!!!!!
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    Are you downloading something ?
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    No! i turn off all my web broswer! but still got lag prob!
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    when i sudden cant move and my fren around me still can move !! only my champion cant move.....
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    this is the server issue. you are not the only one.
    it's really very disappointing when LoL becomes like HON server. Lags and Spoilers everywhere.
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    try pressing CTRL+F in game and see ur actual fps and ping..if ping low but lag,that mean one of the player is a lagger or using proxy that cannot be shared to all player usually,vietnam or thailand use it
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