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Thread: Garena Login

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    Garena Login

    This is what happened,I can't login onto my Garena Account even though i've got the right password yet i can login on LoL Forum and Garena Plus.If i can login on LoL why can't i login on Garena?
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    Dear Summoner,

    When you have this issue please wait for a few min before you try to relogin to garena plus. Sometime our garena plus server restart or due to high traffic.

    Best Regards,
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    GM_fino.. Help me.. I think My ID have been Hacked. Help me please.
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    Please send an email to together with the following details:

    User ID:
    Registered email address:

    i'm not evil ...
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    how to help
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    GM_Fino pls help me ny account has been hacked and i dk why i only 1 day loged in and my user and pass but wronged i dk so i am crying pls help me GM
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    help my GM_Fino althogh this is not important it really means to me the acc i use alot effort 2 make it until master seagent
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    Kindly refrain from resurrecting old posts.

    Regarding your concern; email the following information to to request for manual password reset:

    1. Your Garena user name;
    2. A valid email address that you would like to link to Garena account;
    3. A screenshot of payment transaction (e.g. a screenshot from Paypal system, a screenshot of Garena shell top up confirmation email);
    For security reasons, our customer service officer will reset password only upon receiving sufficient proof of account ownership.
    i'm not evil ...
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